Hackday @ TU Berlin

5.10.2019 @ 4 pm
MAR building TU Berlin

Enter the MAR building and turn right. At the end of the foy will be a Hacktoberfest sign at a table so you can easily find us.

Please register via the HackathonHackers@TUB Telegram group & bring your Laptop


  • Get together

  • Explanation of what Hacktoberfest is about

  • Intro to Git & Github Pull Request

  • Team up

  • Start coding

What is the diffidence to fixing GH issues during any other month of the year?
What the organizations behind the initative (digitalocean & dev.to) want to archive with providing a little incentive (tshirt) is to bring new people to the open source game.
There are certain issues tagged with the Hacktoberfest tag, which are considered "good for starters" (offten it is just about fixing a typo or some small functions). This should teach how the whole issue & pull request flow works.

What is the event about?
To help someone even further with starting with that procrss we did such an event already last year during the Ersti Hackday.
So the meetup on 5.10 is about helping you to get started an get to know other like minded TU students.

You can than work on the hacktoberfest issues yourself during the whole October of you find it fun doing.



Git How To

Hacktoberfest Issues

Let's come together and code for fun and T-Shirts